stuartWell, my name in Stuart Lawrence.  I am the clinical director of the Spinal Care Centre in Benfleet, in. Essex England.  If you have found this blog, you have either been directed here from my other website, or you have looked up some or all of the content on this website.

Now, there are many blogs out there telling you what to eat and why, I on the other hand am hoping this one is going to be a little different.  I will tell you the thinking behind what I do.  Research here and there and a bit more about my diet.

However, I also intend to go over how and why I grow my own. The fun involved and the bit that many people talk about but don’t do.  The “wild” eating side of things.

A bit about my background.  Truth be told, I am a country boy, trying to do good in an urban environment…. sometimes its bloomin hard!  I love what I do at work, basically making sick people well.  But, I am really happy with either a gun, a fly rod or a garden spade in my hand.

If my friends and family are around so much the better, so this is my way of integrating work and play together.  Now, some people may be offended by sections of this blog, but, I truly believe that to not be prepared to find and prepare all your own food, is somewhat hypocritical.  That’s my two pennies worth, so lets move on.

If you wish to learn about the growing side of things do please feel free to browse around the growing your own section. Many hours of blood and sweat and research has gone into it and its a great way for a family to come together and learn together in the interest of health.

Also if you like cooking, I will do my best to try and collect and invent a range of paleo meals and snacks, so look around and enjoy.