Whole food nutrition and my start to getting healthy

Well its January 2010 and reality has kicked in.  I’m talking about health to my clients, about getting adjusted, doing exercise, eating healthy foods and my better half kindly points out;  “Stuart, you weigh 18 and a half stone, you don’t ever go to the gym and basically your as unhealthy as they come.  But, I love you and I want you to be healthy so you can enjoy happy times with our daughter Aimee”! Aimee was due to be born in June of 2010.

Being a stubborn sod, I looked in the mirror and thought I don’t look that bad, but, thought a bit of weight loss wouldn’t kill me and the journey to “losing weight/fat” and getting healthy began.

A bit about my personality, it’s basically one of obsessive compulsive, so when I set my mind to do something, I research it and if the research stacks up, I just get on with it.  I had been to a few lectures in 2009 by James Chestnut, the world-renowned leader in Chiropractic health and wellness and after listening to him, started to read a load of books.  It was when I read the “Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton, that it all clicked into place.

It slowly dawned on me that health and wellness is not something you can miraculously have, you have to work at it. It is a state of mind, body and spirit.  I realised I needed the foundations to work from and the body seemed a good starting point, everything then slowly slotted into place after that.

Picture1Our health is the product of our gene expression, which basically means, to stay healthy we need to be eating healthy natural toxicity free food, doing exercise on a regular basis and thinking positive thoughts.  This is not new research, but has in fact been around for years.  A good example is http://www.heartmath.org/ who discovered that if a person is thinking stressful unhealthy thoughts, they will negatively affect their heart rhythm.  If they think calm thoughts their heart rhythm balances out.  Now, I would rather be living with a balanced heart rhythm than not, so read on.  Ps the slide demonstrating the heart rhythm is here.

I have also attempted to video blog, my efforts as well as some people find reading a tad tedious.  Please go to my main website and you can see exactly what I did.


You are what you eat

To build a better body you need good nutrition, that’s an absolute given, so using the research I encountered, I felt a few things needed to change and be added into my lifestyle.

Deficiency and toxicity.

Our diets are sadly deficient in many nutritional components today.  Years before the advent of fertilisers and pesticides, our food was grown on a small scale, using crop rotation as well as much of it being grown at home.  So I decided to start talking the talk and walking the walk and go from there.

This lead to a few spin offs, namely being the allotment, my original exercise programme that eventually transferred into Crossfit as an aid to my rehabilitation following a road traffic collision in September 2012 and going Paleo.  I have written about those separately but this page is about the nutritional side of things and the nutritional foundation that I built from.  It is also about my journey into a wonderful company called “Juice Plus” and the spectacular research and support they provide.

So here goes. Your genetic expression, ie how your genes behave and hence determine if you are going to be healthy or unhealthy, is based on getting the correct signals in the first place based on the environment they are in, this is called “epigenetics”.  A good example being the agouti mouse that were genetically bred to be unhealthy.  One generation of mice fed a healthy nutrient rich diet, allowed the progeny to be healthy normal mice again!  This means your hormone production, the proteins (the building blocks of life) in your body are expressed in a healthy manner if you eat a healthy diet.  Obviously exercise and positive thought patterns were a massively important part of my journey, but as I’ve said that’s elsewhere in the blog.  Another good example is the research regarding cruciferous vegetables; broccoli, kale, cabbage, cauliflower sprouts etc when eaten have been shown to balance healthy oestrogen formation.  This is particularly pertinent because if someone is diagnosed with the faulty gene that could express breast cancer for example, could potentially prevent that said abnormal gene from expressing the cancer, just by increasing the intake of cruciferous vegetables!

Picture3Now how does this relate to my journey? Well, I was clinically obese at 18 and a half stone I was eating poorly, doing no exercise, and was going through a somewhat stressful divorce.  I had a family history of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes to name but a few and realised for 30 odd years of my life, I had been living in the familial environment that had potentially switched on the genes that had expressed those chronic diseases in my family…..  Think “epigenetics”. I did my research and started with my “diet”. I realised to get really healthy I needed to taking somewhere between 9 and 13 (world health organisation recommendation) different portions of fruit and vegetables everyday, this set me on the path towards my allotment and my search for the best researched nutritional supplementation I could find.  I knew I needed omega 3, probiotics containing lactobacillus plantarum, casei and rhamnosus, and a whole food nutrition. There was also magnesium and vitamin D, but this came later.

Omega 3.  This is a very important inclusion that should be in all diets.  There are several on the market, but sadly many have been heat treated in some way of another to try and increase the levels of the active compounds EPA and DHA.  They also may not have been properly cold filtered to remove heavy metals, often found in oily fish.  Most importantly, if the liquid when assessed, either by cutting the capsule or smelling it on the spoon, or as most frequently noticed, once swallowed causes you to repeat “fishy burps” then it suggests it has oxidised.  Oxidisation is what happens when oxygen in the atmosphere gets to it for a long period of time, like a piece of fish that has been left out in the open for a long period of time!  The ideal and natural ratio you should be looking for is:

EPA of 740 – 825mg and DHA of 460 – 550mg

Also remember that deficiencies in omega 3 have been linked to learning, developmental and behavioural difficulties such as ADHD in children.  In adults deficiencies have been linked to people suffering with gastrointestinal problems such as ulcerative colitis and chron’s, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, depression as well as breast, bowel and prostate cancers, heart disease, stroke, skin disorders among other things.  In the older populations, research has shown deficiencies have been linked to those suffering with alzheimers, osteoporosis and arthritis!

Picture4You will also want to increase filtered water to around 8 to 10 glasses a day.  Either buy a stand alone water filter or get an inline one fitted into your water supply.  They cost about £250 and are about £70 to fit and remove all impurities and heavy metals for around 2 years.

Also reduce caffeine to ideally to no more than 1 cup in the morning.


Cut out grains, dairy and sugar (more information can be found on the paleo section of this blog).

Juice plus

Finally we get to the most important part of my journey, “Juice Plus”.  This was a great journey full of science, research and positive health. In my case it was also a loss of nearly 4 stone!  My blood pressure went down, my energy picked up and I generally felt better than I had in years.  I look and feel better than I ever had and it is an ongoing journey.  My exercise and weight loss programme started again in ernest, in January 2013 to try and deal with a new set of problems I received following a road traffic collision in September of 2012 and it is from 2013 I have started video blogging about my continued journey towards optimum health and wellness and some serious fat loss

I was, at first just taking the product as a client, I then decided to take on the product and add a supplemental income within my clinic and tell the story to my clients.  Juice plus is not a supplement, it is an essential whole food nutrient.  It is in my eyes, based on the independent research carried out, one of the most important and essential epigenetic or environmental requirements needed for health.

Although not the cheapest product on the market at around £30 to £55 per month, I personally feel it is the best quality and best independently researched whole food and best value, essential nutrient on the market today!  And the benefits myself and my family and friends now have, I believe categorically justifies the cost.  This link explains some of the scientific benefits. https://www.juiceplus.com/nsa/content/Home.soa?site=sl30175

Just to show you my journey so far, here are a couple of photos before my nutritional improvements and as I am progressing on my journey to health.  The key here is, if I can do this and lose weight and then help other people to lose weight and get healthy earning an additional income as I go along, SO CAN YOU!!!

To go from over 18 stone to just under 15 stone took about 8 months.  Yes I could have done it faster, but I didn’t want to rebound back again, which is generally more unhealthy in the long run!  My continued journey to optimal health and wellness came after a nasty road traffic collision in September of 2012.  Although I was weighing in at 15 stone, my weight was starting to go up, as I had got out of the healthy habits that had gotten me from over 18 stone to just under 15 stone.  Basically I had my daughter and my life and business took over.

In short, not enough me time!  I have in the interests of my health turned that round again and gotten back on the wagon of healthy living, eating less empty carbohydrates, starting to get back into the habit of living the juice plus lifestyle and exercising again.  Not just to lose the weight, but to try and strengthen and condition the muscles in my body around the injury.  This was done to assist in the healing process after my accident and try to help prevent it from worsening as I get older.

You get one life, why waste it?